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The short answer: I was born to JAM

The long answer lies in those moments when you taste something so delicious that you instinctually pause the moment it hits your tastebuds.  Those moments when that flavor passes right through your tongue and lands directly onto your soul, making your eyes roll into the back of your head. Making you inhale immediately and deeply, only to let it out a slow, satisfied sigh as the corners of your mouth turn upward into a smile. Those are the moments I live for. And those are the moments I jam for.

Creating That’s My Jam is a calling home for me in many ways. I’ve always enjoyed farming, fresh produce, and making delicious food to share with people, and that’s exactly what That’s My Jam is all about. I grew up in rural Pennsylvania both farming and preserving food since before I can remember.  I moved to New York City over six years ago and although my farming and preserving was put on hold, I was exposed to new cuisines and complex layering of flavors that I’d never experienced before.

It was a happy accident that I got back into making jams. One summer when I was about to head out to a berry patch to pick, I realized I had a few jars of jam from the previous year that I was never going to finish myself. I shared them with others, and everyone raved about them, saying it was the best jam they've ever tasted because it wasn't overly sweet and the flavor of the fruit was the star.  At the time I was working at an Afternoon Tea Salon on the Lower East Side, and the owner said I should make jam to be served with our tea service.  Before I knew it, I had a small jam business growing and That's My Jam was born.