That's MY farm

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planting our Roots

While experimenting with jam recipes and flavor combinations, I learned that the secret to creating exquisite jams is to use exquisite fruit. The only way to get this is to go straight to the source--the farm. With this realization, I saw an opportunity to combine my love of making delicious foods with my love of cultivating the land. I decided That's My Jam will not only be about creating mouth-watering jams, but also a way for me to learn how to lovingly cultivate the earth using sustainable and earth-friendly farming techniques. 

Our farm is currently small but will grow each year, adding more fruit trees and bushes and consequently more flavors to our line. One day composting and beekeeping will be added to our farm, so that we can continue to care for Mother Earth during a time that she needs it most. 

There’s nothing like a fresh berry picked at peak ripeness. No matter how hard a person tries, they can’t recreate the perfection Mother Nature has already produced. That’s why I never try to outsmart her. I simply let her be my inspiration and guide. I only want to showcase her beauty through exquisitely crafted jams. My hope is that by showcasing Mother Earth's beauty, I will create community and connection between people and our ecosystem, ultimately inspiring people to take steps to care for each other and our planet.